Calligraphy Classes

Welcome to my calligraphy classes page!
I’m thrilled to share my love for this timeless art form with you.
Whether you’re a complete beginner or a seasoned calligraphy enthusiast,
I offer a range of packages tailored to meet your needs.


Group Calligraphy Classes

I offer online and in person group classes and I host weekly a calligraphy teaser class at the lovely Zita Elze Flower Academy in Kew. Join me on Tuesdays as we delve into the world of calligraphy together.

One to One Calligraphy Classes

I am delighted to offer private one-to-one calligraphy classes for those who want to learn the art of calligraphy online or in person.

Handwriting Concepts for Kids

I am pleased to offer handwriting classes to children age 6-9 where I will be breaking down handwriting concepts and teaching them about letter consistency, spacing and legibility.


I provide personalised instruction tailored to each student’s skill level, learning style, and goal to enhance their skills.


I foster an inspiring and supportive learning environment where students feel encouraged to explore their creativity.

Comprehensive Curriculum

I offer a comprehensive curriculum that covers the fundamentals of calligraphy as well as various calligraphy styles.

Unleash your creativity and learn calligraphy

Gift Vouchers

Discover the perfect gift. With a range of courses available, including captivating calligraphy classes, these vouchers provide the ultimate present for anyone seeking to unlock their creative potential. Give the gift of learning and self-expression.

Calligraphy Kit

The Copperplate Calligraphy kit includes:
A 80-page printed instructional textbook
A Deuce penholder by Yoke Pen Co.
Tachikawa G and Hunt 101 Nibs
Walnut or Sumi Ink in a Dinky Dip
Logos Calligraphy practice pads to practice with after the workshop.

Nadia Chin Calligrapher holding a pen with greenery at the back

What people say about the classes

Nadia's 1-2-1 Copperplate classes were a game-changer. Her personalized guidance accelerated my learning, and her teaching is a true gift.

Priya V.

Nadia's workshop was a delight. She made calligraphy accessible for beginners like me, yet engaged experienced learners with advanced techniques. I left feeling inspired.

Sienna T.

Nadia's versatility shines – from 1-2-1 Copperplate to workshops, her passion is infectious. A must for any calligraphy enthusiast.

Alex C.